How can shops incorporate wood items into their other orders?

Wood can be many natural colors or stained to change its appearance to enhance different mediums of trophies (i.e. metal, glass, or acrylic). It can look old-world, elegant, or contemporary depending on the trophy it is paired with. Something as inexpensive as a plastic medallion can be incorporated into a wood plaque or a wood presentation box and become a perceived high-end award.

   —Colorado Heirloom

Barry Stewart Colorado Heirloom

Barry Stewart

Starting in 1986 until present, Barry is the owner/president of Colorado Heirloom Inc., employing 25-30 production woodworkers. The wood products manufacturer specializes in design and custom products for the laser, direct-to-substrate printing, signage, and hospitality industries. Barry's duties include, but are not limited to, the vision, design, and leadership for the Colorado Heirloom team.

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