How can printers add dimension without adding too much extra work?

Does your existing client want to see something new or special you can do to their logo? Or do you want to wow a new client? Why not add some dimension to your print.

Adding dimension or texture can be done with some specialty finishes such as puff, high density (HD), or gel gloss inks. Highlighting smaller areas rather than large spaces of the design will keep the printing process simple, keep costs to a minimum, yet give the design flair and interest. Not only will the design stand out visually but also tactically.

For example, add puff or HD ink to frame the logo or design, or take bits of the design and add height to accentuate specific parts. The resulting print will raise your design a notch in the positive direction.

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Gel dots (pictured) are another great option that adds texture and interest to the print.

—International Coatings Company

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