How can heat-transfer decorators ensure proper positioning before pressing?

Just like the old carpentry adage, make sure your print is positioned correctly before you press. While you may get to the point where you can easily eyeball your placement, being cautious will give you consistent results. Use a laser alignment system to help you easily lay out transfers. Or if you’re on a budget, you can use a T-square or a carpenter’s square for correct measurement.

Knowing the fabric, heat-transfer material, and how you need to press sets you up for success from the start. Use materials compatible with your garment, and you will protect your reputation for quality and save yourself a lot of headaches. Not only do you need to know your material, but you need to know how to press it.

If you’re new to the material or new to heat pressing, get some samples and try it out before doing a professional run.


Debra Romalia

Debra Romalia is the Vice President of GroupeSTAHL's Content Marketing in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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