Atop Heads and On Trend in 2022

Expect vintage styles, eco-conscious fabrics, and enduring designs in the headwear space

From retro to sustainable to industry favorites, headwear trending in 2022 runs the gamut. Expect vintage styles, eco-conscious fabrics, and enduring designs throughout the year.

Old-school = fashion forward

rope cap
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Adorning the brim, braided rope puts a classic spin on headwear. Known as golf rope on vintage caps, today’s rope cap style is perfect for any casual occasion or sporting activity. Rope caps made of performance fabric — perhaps with performance sweatbands — look at home on the links, on the water, on a run, or wherever athletic activity abounds. Floral or camo fabric adds another dimension to rope caps, expanding their appeal in 2022.

Speaking of appealing, who doesn’t love a bucket hat? Originally worn by fishermen as protection from sun, rain, and wind out at sea, the iconic bucket became a musician fashion statement in the 1990s. Making a comeback this decade, bucket hats are back to their roots as head and eye protectors while creating a distinctive style impression year-round.

Another throwback trend that’s still going strong in 2022 is tie-dye. With kaleidoscopic patterns, tie-dye caps are the go-to style for adding some colorful fun to anyone’s head. Plus, tie-dyed knit hats, trucker caps, and bucket hats cover headwear needs in winter, spring, summer, and fall. One groovy feature of tie-dyed styles is the tie-dying of the fabric before fashioning the headwear — so each cap’s design is totally unique.

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Sustainability with style

Being eco-conscious is a way of life for many people. So, it’s only natural that in 2022, the focus will be on sustainable products, including headwear. Today’s eco-friendly caps and knit beanies sport fabrics and yarns the environmentally-minded who desire durability and quality design can proudly wear. These include recycled polyester made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fiber, 100% certified organic cotton, and Polylana fiber recognized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as a vegan alternative to animal-derived materials.

Designed for the long run

Of course, some headwear is so popular they’ve become standout classics. Structured snapbacks with distinctive contrast stitching and mesh backs will continue to dominate in 2022. Available in many colors, these caps fit the bill for everyone with the timelessness of their design.

Legacy OFA
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For those preferring a hand-crafted, unstructured mesh back, the dirty washed cotton twill cap is another fave. Those created with a special dye-and-washing process result in unique color variations in each cap, giving cap-wearing aficionados an exclusive design to call their own.


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