Avery Dennison Announces Partnership with Browzwear

Avery Dennison partners with Browzwear to launch enhancements for its 3D design software suite.

Avery Browzwear

Avery Dennison announces its partnership with Browzwear, a 3D digital solutions provider for the fashion industry, to launch enhancements for its 3D design software suite.

The partnership enables apparel designers to preview branding and material choices at the onset of the design process. Avery Dennison integrates a library of materials and fabrics from its product offerings into the Browzwear suite, providing visual renderings of how its apparel labeling solutions will appear in the real world. The software upgrade is available on July 6, with subsequent rollouts of new features throughout 2021.

Historically, the production processes involved in these solutions made it difficult to simulate high-resolution, real-life visualizations in software. By integrating Substance by Adobe, a 3D texturing software solution, with Avery Dennison’s expertise in materials, design, and manufacturing, visualizations can be produced in the Browzwear platform. Designers can develop, preview, and test four label prototypes on garments: heat transfer (for exterior embellishments), care label (for printed fabric labels), sew down label (for woven materials), and hangtag (for paper products).

“This partnership is a momentous step forward in Avery Dennison’s pursuit to deliver digital innovations that enable the apparel industry to reduce the environmental impact of operations and supply chains. Integrating our material products into Browzwear’s three-dimensional design suite enables brands to eliminate material waste, carbon emissions during transportation, and time spent waiting for samples,” says Brian Cheng, director, digital transformation, Avery Dennison RBIS.

Rana Sidahmed, senior global director, creative and marketing, Avery Dennison RBIS, adds that oversampling is a big problem within the apparel industry. The partnership with Browzwear, alongside Substance by Adobe, removes barriers from the production process.

“Beyond sustainability, bringing branding to the forefront of the design process enables brands to get their products to market faster, meeting the industry’s ever-increasing need for speed,” Sidahmed adds.

Sean Lane, vice president of partnerships at Browzwear, says, “We’re excited to work together to enhance the design experience through true-to-life renderings and ultimately continue our mission to increase time-to-market and reduce material waste.”

Browzwear will demonstrate the new 3D embellishment and material library during an upcoming
webinar for its VStitcher and Lotta 2021.2 Edition on July 7 at 11 a.m. ET.


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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