Promotional Products Now and After the Pandemic

Australia-based Promotion Products details the rise of promotional products amid the pandemic and how businesses can offer them to clients.

The supplier says promotional products reinforce a business’s branding and help expand brand exposure. Their tactile nature offers a unique benefit that’s often overlooked.

“The tactility of a branded physical object emblazoned with your company’s logo can greatly assist with brand retention,” explains the company. “This can help reinforce your branding efforts and make your company stand out in a densely populated market. This is a universal truth, no matter how unconventional the circumstances are.”

During these challenging times, it’s especially critical to stay top of mind with clients and market bases. The supplier encourages businesses to think of every giveaway or gift like a mini-ad sitting on an end-user’s desk, “or even better something they are interacting with on a daily basis like a high-quality metal water bottle.”

custom water bottle

Rise of individually delivered promotional merch packs

Hand sanitizer

In the form of promotional merchandise packs, unexpected gifts can be powerful tools for things like onboarding. First impressions matter and an unexpected promotional item will make an impact.

Another trend the supplier has seen arise recently is individually delivered promotional merchandise packs with useful items like branded hand sanitizer, vacuum insulated bottles, and face masks.

“Some of our clients even include Australian made sweet treats because who doesn’t need a sweet pick-me-up these days.”

According to Promotion Products, studies show people respond to “locally minded, humanized, conscious, and socially aware entities.” With an option to give clients eco-friendly promotional products or locally made gifts, businesses can show customers what they represent while growing marketing and branding efforts.

Promotional products marketing during COVID-19

Unfortunately, companies often overlook the value of promo products or promo merch when developing marketing strategies.

“As many potential clients are online or working from home today due to the pandemic, they are overwhelmed and constantly bombarded with digital banners, rich media, and video ads,” says Promotion Products. “Although digital marketing is invaluable, combining it successfully with promotional products offline can be a winning strategy.”

Due to the restrictions, offline or physical advertisement is significantly limited. Promo products and corporate gifts can be an ingenious way to work around these limitations in a safe way for customization businesses, their customers, and end-users.

“It shows that you care and are aware of the circumstance, but also your intent to bring a little bit of much-needed joy to people,” adds the supplier.

Using promo merch at events after COVID-19 restrictions

Eventually, things will be back to normal with conferences, trade shows, industry events, and large gatherings.

Offering potential clients exciting and valuable products now will have them coming back when in-person interaction makes a come back.


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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