Featured Project: Using Digital Signage to Connect with Patrons

NOHO West uses outdoor digital signage for out-of-home (OOH) advertising

NOHO West, a retail and entertainment destination in the heart of North Hollywood right off of the Hollywood Freeway, adds over 2,000 square feet of outdoor digital signage for out-of-home (OOH) advertising. All three digital screens come from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE line of exterior LED display products.

NOHO West describes itself as a community plaza, designed to “celebrate local artistry and color” in a “vibrant, walkable neighborhood setting.” The shopping and entertainment district is organized around a central plaza and retail-lined main street. The location currently offers a variety of shops, amenities, service-oriented office space, and dining options. The property owners plan to expand the site to include a movie theater, a professional office tower, and over 600 multifamily residential units. When fully realized, NOHO West will comprise more than 300,000 square feet of mixed-use space.

“NOHO West is a perfect example of modern retail,” explains Pete Simon, director of sales at SNA Displays. “The future of the retail experience is to offer many destinations for visitors and tie it all together with a state-of-the-art signage network. NOHO West encompasses so many different needs, lifestyles, and pleasures, which are of course driven by the changing environments of brick and mortar.”

Sign installer YESCO oversaw the installation of the displays, and out-of-home media company BIG Outdoor manages the content. Low-voltage contractor Tri-R designed a creative and efficient data transfer system and internet connection that patches the displays to the building control and keeps all three displays on the same network.

Two of the digital displays are installed on the north and south ends of the property, with a third display facing the interior of the open-air mall and across the street from a future movie theater where patrons can see the display when exiting the theater.

The north and south façade-mounted LED displays, one horizontally oriented and the other vertically oriented, use a 12.0 mm pixel pitch. They are approximately 23′ H X 40′ W and 32′ H X 19′ W, respectively. About one-third of the vertical display extends above the roof of the building to which it is mounted.

The interior-facing display screen is approximately 17′ H X 33′ W and uses an 8.0 mm pixel pitch. It is meant to be more versatile, showing event information, third-party advertising, and movie nights. The trio of LED screens contains approximately 1.8 million total pixels.

SNA Displays is in the process of installing kiosks on the property and estimates completion in May 2021. In addition to manufacturing the LED screens, SNA Displays provides project management throughout the project.


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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