Create a College Care Package

With moving season for college students upon us, give your customers some inspiration for care packages that are perfect for dorm rooms.

Moving season for college students is upon us, which means opportunity for personalization experts to cash in on the many products needed to fill a dorm room. One unique way to sell to your customer is to pitch the concept of a care package. Here are six product ideas to help give your customers some inspiration to build their own custom bundle.

Picture frame: Help students capture college memories or make sure they remember where they came from. A picture frame with a photo included is an easy decor item for any dorm room.

college care package

Dry erase board: Customizable; can be used for scheduling, quick messages to roommates, or inspirational quotes.

college care package

Magnet: Useful for displaying a great grade or study reminders on the fridge.

Coasters: A cute and functional item that can be customized with photos, designs, and care package

Bag tag: With the chaos of moving, it can be hard to keep track of whose is whose; but with their name and new address displayed in bright, bold colors, organization is made easier.

college care package

Small photo panel (metal and hardboard): Easily display photos with a kickstand or easel — another great way to decorate and remember friends from home.

college care package

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