What are some general pointers for laser engraving systems in woodworking shops?

I have a piped-in dust collector, but with that said, I did for many years keep my laser in my wood shop. I would think most lasers are made to keep the dust out, but I kept mine covered when I was not using it and would never run the laser with dust in the air. Typically, lasers have a vacuum system to remove the smoke from the laser cabinet. The dust that is in the air will be sucked into the laser. Mine was in a full-time wood shop and it never had a problem.

Most wood shops are not insulated (does not do too much good with the doors of the shop open). I am more concerned about temperature; I do not laser when it is too hot or too cold. Most American-made lasers are air cooled and if you run it when it’s too hot, it could overheat. The cold is not good for it either, until it’s warms up. I would say don’t run your laser below 35 degrees or above 95 degrees.

   —Express Yourself Austin

Doug Green

Doug Green is the man behind Express Yourself Austin and countless CorelDRAW tutorials on YouTube. A master crafter, Green sometimes spends hours upon hours, if not years, to create unique and elaborate items out of wood and metal.

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