What advantages does photoresist film serve for sandcarving?

Photoresist films are the leading technology in the sandcarving industry. They provide multiple benefits over alternate methods such as plotter-cut vinyl, chemical etching, and laser engraving. The three primary benefits of photoresist film are its retention of fine details, ease of use, and the variety of substrates to which they can be used.

When using photoresist film, fine-detailed designs can be achieved that are unattainable with other methods. It can transfer any image, including halftone photographs, from your computer onto the resist. This amount of detail is not possible with plotter-cut vinyl or acid etching. Additionally, photoresist films are much easier to use, eliminating error and loss of time. Traditional hand-cut vinyl is labor intensive, and plotter-cut vinyl requires the user to manually weed out or pick the images before sandcarving. Photoresist film uses water and light to develop the details the human hand is incapable of resolving.

—IKONICS Imaging

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Michael Sullivan

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