What size heat press should I purchase?

When choosing a heat press, a few factors are essential to consider. The size of the heat press is the first. Look at your space. Will the size you want fit into your workspace?

If you’re considering a clamshell model, is there enough room for it to open comfortably? If you’re looking at a swing-away, you will need to determine if you have enough room for the top to swing away from you.

Another consideration is the size of your typical designs and which garment sizes will make up most of your sales.

If you are focusing on left-chest pocket logos or smaller designs, you may want to stick with an 11″ X 15″ size. If you’d like to print a broader range of design sizes onto a variety of items and shirts of all types, you are better off going big with the 16″ X 20″ size.


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