Offer the Highest Quality Graphics for Your Customer’s Items

The extra time you take can make a difference in keeping and gaining new customers.

I have a number of graphic databases resulting in a few million graphics to offer; however, no matter how many graphics you have, you never have enough. I spend a reasonable amount of extra time to give my client graphic choices and to meet their needs and expectations. This requires understanding a customer’s style, advanced graphics software skills, fast and accurate tracing abilities, extra software tools for vectoring bitmaps, removing backgrounds, and preparing photos for lasering. 

Offering the most appropriate and highest quality graphics has brought us new clients and kept others. I have taken the time to photograph a sheriff deputy’s patch and create a high-quality laserable graphic by tracing the photo by hand. When there is no other graphic file, a shortage of time, or a customer is just trying to “wow” her boss, this extra level of service gains and keeps clients.

Separators or ornaments are graphics used to separate unrelated information or used to highlight important information in a design. Having a large variety of ornaments to use to match a design or font style adds to a quality look. I like to make custom ornaments for specific customers. I might create it based on an organization’s tagline, element of their logo, or type of business they are in. Custom ornaments tell your client that they are special. 

-Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark

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