How can decorators help keep the T-shirt market moving?

Think about what will make customers come into your shop and say, “I have to have that T-shirt!”

The key is to provide the market with products that spark an emotional connection. By doing this, decorators can see significant growth. So, keep an ear out in your local community to see what makes people tick. The unique qualities that make your home special are exactly what speaks an emotional connection between a potential buyer and a T-shirt.

And don’t forget the importance of subtle, unique accents, catering your designs to each fabric, and printing on soft garments that customers will enjoy wearing.

The extra time, care, and effort that you put into each T-shirt will pay off in the quantities that you sell.

—Fruit of the Loom/JERZEES

Jeanene Edwards

Jeanene Edwards has over 20 years of experience working with global apparel brands, including HanesBrands and Fruit of the Loom.

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