Custom Gifts to Sublimate During the Pandemic

From face masks to bag tags and signage, consider these products for your business

Custom gifts have a growing market position in a pandemic world. Personalized gifts can provide fun and function, and the possibilities are endless. Sublimated items are not only trending; they are also easy to create and clean. Here are some popular products to consider for your business.

Face masks

Face masks are probably the most obvious option to consider. They not only are in high demand since almost everyone uses them, but they also don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. While staying safe is the primary benefit of masks, offering full customization can make identification much easier, especially at work or school.  Sanitization is not a concern, as most are machine washable.

Bag tags

A popular product with many different designs and superb versatility, bag tags are not just for travel anymore. They can be used with a lanyard to identify children at school and daycare with sublimated names, photos, and bus information. Keeping backpacks, duffels, lunch bags, and instruments identified is critical, especially during the pandemic.

Sublimated magnets

Magnets can be personalized with important reminders or fun mementos and adhered to magnetic surfaces. A smart reminder, like “Don’t Forget Your Mask,” can make or break your day as you enter a school or business but can help keep safety a priority.

Try This: Custom Refrigerator Magnets


Produce high-quality indoor and outdoor business signage with sublimation. Use for marketing, marking, and directional signage as well as safety messages with clear communication. Company names can be sublimated with vivid colors on durable aluminum and communicate mask mandates, curbside pickup, directions, and new business hours. Sublimated surfaces can be easily cleaned and sanitized to meet the highest safety standards in hospitals, schools, and more.


Sublimated ornaments are a top seller year after year. With such a wide variety of shapes, ornaments are a sure way to drive business. Use photos, designs, logos, or text for a custom look on ornaments that won’t shatter or fade.

Focus on growing your business by offering custom gifts your customers can use!

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