Are poor-quality sewn designs the result of low-cost digitizing?

Not necessarily. Training and experience are key components in creating a high-quality design. In addition to a full understanding of the embroidery software program, the digitizer must have a full understanding of the embroidery process, stitch limitations, and effective design pathing. Modern digitizing systems allow the creation of complicated shapes with the push of a button. The danger associated with this is that an untrained digitizer can complete a design without understanding many of the intricate details related to design creation.

The price of the design is insignificant. It all comes down to the digitizer’s understanding of the entire process. There is no substitute for proper training and experience. Cost only becomes a factor when the price is so low and the design is so complicated that the digitizer isn’t willing to put in the necessary time and effort due to the price received.

One of the best ways a digitizer can enhance his or her skills is to watch the designs they stitch out on the embroidery machine. Seeing the result in action magnifies both the good and bad elements within a design.

—Hirsch Solutions Inc

Ed Levy, Hirsch Solutions Inca

Ed Levy

Ed Levy is an industry veteran and director of software technologies at Hirsch Solutions.

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