3 Simple Steps for Engraving Slate

Slate is a perfect substrate for a personalized gift or memorial because it can be used indoors or out. It may lose a little of its sheen after being out in the elements, but it retains its natural beauty. Slate lasers directly to a gray/frosted white color, is quick and easy to laser, and requires no extra prep or finish work.

The piece shown is a rectangular slate sheet, measuring 7″ X 9″, lasered on a Trotec machine at 50% speed, 50% power, and 600 PPI. Other settings that can be used as a starting point, depending on your laser, are:

  • 35 watt: DPI 400, Speed 30%, Power 80%
  • 60 watt: DPI 400, Speed 70%, Power 60%

Supplies needed for the slate:

  • Slate
  • Laser machine

Step 1: Place the slate in the laser so that it is flat and level. Slate_Blank_1

Step 2: Position to laser on the front of the slate.

Step 3: No cleaning should be necessary, but you can wipe it with a neutral cleaner or just a damp cloth. Your finished product is a beautiful, lasting gift that withstands the test of time.

Try This: Engrave a Slate Cheese Board

Cheryl Loban

Cheryl Loban

JDS Industries

Cheryl Loban is the Communications Specialist at JDS Industries. She joined JDS in March of 2001 as a Customer Service Rep and worked in various roles in that capacity over the past 18 years. Cheryl moved into her position in the Marketing Department in February 2019.

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