Unifi Awards $10,000 Grant to UC Berkeley

Unifi awards a $10,000 grant to the University of California, Berkeley, for its efforts to boost sustainability on campus. 

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GREENSBORO, N.C.-Unifi awards a $10,000 grant to the University of California, Berkeley, for its efforts to boost sustainability on campus. The school won the grant after submitting a video as part of the Pac-12 Zero Waste Challenge.

Unifi announced a long-term partnership with the sports conference last summer. With Unifi acting as a sponsor for Pac-12 events, both groups say the agreement is designed to boost recycling and sustainability efforts on U.S. college campuses. University of California, Berkeley is a member university of the Pac-12’s network which features 12 universities across the U.S.

“Cal’s video really stood out for its students’ and staff members’ tremendous efforts to raise awareness about the importance of a circular economy during the Zero Waste basketball game,” states Richard Gerstein, executive vice president of Unifi. “These students understand the importance of protecting our environment. We applaud them for going above and beyond to create exciting promotions at the game to show fans that products people enjoy every day are made when you close the loop on recycling.”

The grant is part of Unifi’s official sponsorship of all Pac-12 Championship events. The program provides an opportunity to each Pac-12 institution to receive a $5,000 annual grant award to promote campus zero waste activities and circular economy programs. UC Berkeley received an additional $10,000 grant based on its winning submission of a three-minute video summary of the circular economy sustainability program that was developed.

“We are proud to continue to further support and promote the work of our universities through our Pac-12 Team Green platform and our relationship with Unifi,” states Jamie Zaninovich, deputy commissioner and chief operating officer of the Pac-12.

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Watch UC Berkeley’s video submission to Pac-12’s challenge below.

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