News from the Field: Sign from Days Gone by in the Desert

The museum was the idea of one person, Jude Cook, who thought if she found signs this fascinating then others might, too.

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Tucson, Arizona, has a new museum, and it focuses on a subject near and dear to SDG‘s heart. The Ignite Sign Art Museum opened this week in Tucson. The opening coincided with the city’s “Modernism Week.”

The 7,000 square-foot facility has more than 250 signs, clocks and other advertising pieces. Some of the signs at the museum are from iconic Tucson attractions: De Anza Drive-In movie theater, Molina’s Midway restaurant and Jerry’s Lee Ho Market.

Click here to watch a video produced by, a website owned by the Arizona Daily Star (video credits to A.E. Araiza of the Star)

And you can click here to watch a report from the local ABC affiliate, KGUN.

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