Koozie Group Donates 100 Laptops to Help Individuals Overcome Addiction

The donation of the laptops is part of the company's social impact and sustainability vision


Koozie Group announces the donation of 100 Dell and HP laptop computers to A New Direction for Women and Men Inc., Tampa Bay-based residential facility for drug and alcohol recovery.

As part of its mission, A New Direction for Women and Men aims to provide a structured and nurturing environment to empower residents to remain abstinent from all mind- or mood-altering substances, while increasing client self-respect and the ability to live a self-sufficient, productive life.

Summarizing the impact this donation will have on her organization’s clients, Ashley Nevins, PR coordinator at A New Direction for Women and Men, says, “Having the equipment and access to the internet is vital to a life devoted to recovery and rebuilding, especially in this ‘at-home’ day and age we live in. Zoom and other similar video platforms have become a staple for court-required classes, therapy, NA/AA meetings, and even doctor visits. Koozie Group’s donation is going to change the way we are able to communicate, grow, educate, and recover.”

Erik Dempsey, manager of IT systems services at Koozie Group remarks, “The past 18 months have presented challenges for everyone, so we are grateful to be able to give back to our community with this donation. Koozie Group wanted to put them in the hands of people who would be able to get some positive use from them.”

According to the company, the donation of the laptops is part of Koozie Group’s social impact and sustainability vision, called “Keep It. Give It.” The company says it recognizes four key areas of social impact and sustainability — fostering diversity and inclusion, giving back to employees and community, safety and social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. This donation is one of the ways in which Koozie Group seeks to fulfill that vision.

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