Gemline Introduces Product-Level Carbon Footprint Data

CO2 data is now displayed on the product pages of over 100 top-selling items on


Gemline, a promotional products supplier, proudly announced its groundbreaking introduction of carbon footprint/emissions data at the product level, a solution that it states will “change the way distributors and their end clients make important purchasing decisions.”

In partnership with a global leader in impact measurement technology, Gemline has invested the past year in preparing for this major initiative, which is part of Gemline’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, transparency, and empowerment of decision-makers to make more informed and eco-conscious purchasing decisions at the supplier and product levels.

Everyday activities, from making a cup of coffee to driving a car, contribute to the release of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere. Recognizing the significant impact of these carbon emissions on the environment, Gemline is taking proactive steps to reduce its carbon footprint by tracking the carbon emissions of its products throughout their lifecycle, from raw material sourcing to distribution—a process known as “cradle-to-gate.”

This comprehensive tracking, measured in kilograms of CO2, is now prominently displayed on the product pages of over 100 top-selling items on, with plans to more than double this count over the summer and ultimately extend this transparency to all of its products in the near future.

“Quantifying and communicating the carbon impact of our products is a critical step towards achieving greater transparency in our industry and helping all of us better understand and eventually reduce our scope 3 emissions,” said Frank Carpenito, CEO & president of Gemline.

He continued, “Our first-to-market introduction of product-level carbon footprint/emissions data will enable us to provide our distributor partners with important information they can share with their end clients to help them make more environmentally responsible choices. This initiative not only reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, but supports our betterway corporate social responsibility goals of bettering people, planet, and product.”

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