Fabric Images Announces New Business Divisions, Brand Refresh

Fabric Images Inc. unveils three studios, a new website, and refreshed branding

Fabric Images

Fabric Images Inc., a manufacturer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architecture and material solutions, unveils new business divisions (studios), a new website, and a brand refresh.

The company says this introduction supports the evolution of the Fabric Images brand and the expansion and growth into new markets.

Fabric Images studios

The addition of specific studios under Fabric Images results from a growing business model in three major markets. In January of this year, Fabric Images introduced Fi Interiors, a new studio that services the architecture and design community. The organization into studios allows Fabric Images to service each market with specialized custom fabric architecture and material solutions and tailored new product offerings and services.

Fabric Images Studios

  • Fi Interiors services the architecture and design community with custom and turnkey acoustic products and solutions and fabric architecture.
  • Fi Retail serves the retail market with custom fabric architecture, large-format printed graphics, and decor solutions.
  • Fi Live Events services the trade show and events industry with custom fabric architecture, large-format printed graphics, and material solutions.

This targeted approach leverages the increased capacity gained by merging with Orbus Exhibit & Display Group in 2020.

Website and brand refresh

Fabric Images also introduces a new website, which offers an improved user experience, design and functionality, and essential information on its products and services. Additionally, Fabric Images unveils a brand refresh with new studio brand logos, a clean color palette, and a style that reflects the architectural structures that Fabric Images produces.

Marco Alvarez, VP of Fabric Images, says, “With the introduction of the three studios, we will offer innovation across markets in a way that will bridge trends and launch products and solutions that promote safe and social spaces. Our new website and refreshed brand identity support our projected growth and align with our vision of bringing life to our customers’ vision.”


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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