WRAPSconnect Tips: Consistent Procedures

WRAPSconnect panelist Austin Smith shares tips and tricks for wraps businesses

The single most important thing I do for the business is consistency in the procedures. In any business, that is a daily battle. As a manager, it is my job to know the processes and why the processes are in place that will allow my business to grow in profits and efficiency by ensuring everyone is being managed for, and not just managed.

The most important component to our business as far as processes is a piece of software that allows me, or anyone, to track any job, communicate with any staff member, and move jobs through the business fluidly each and every day.

Being able to monitor that remotely, in essence, allows me to be in the business without being in the business every single day. That is a 30,000-foot glance overall and making sure that every part of the business, from sales to accounting, design, prepress, and installation, are all working in harmony. That means I’m utilizing the staff to their maximum potential and catching areas of inefficiency very quickly.

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Austin has been involved in the vinyl, and later the wrap industry, since 2000. Initially owning a small ownership of a vinyl decal shop, and then in 2008 opening his own wrap shop, #201WRAP, in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2012 he founded and launched Paint is Dead to the wrap world, and shortly after founded PROSERIES Wrap Tools in 2017. Today, Austin spends time in all three entities giving himself a very unique look at the industry.

Austin will be a panelist at Meet the Masters @ WRAPSconnect, which brings top wrap industry influencers together to share their expertise on a variety of industry topics. The panel meets at WRAPSCON @ GRAPHICS PRO EXPO in Long Beach, California, on Thursday, August 17, from 4-6 p.m. at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. For more info, go to g-p-x.com/wrapscon. WRAPSCON is free with your registration to GRAPHICS PRO EXPO, which runs in Long Beach, August 17-19, with classes starting August 16.

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