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The 2021 WRAPSConnect panel discussion took place at this year’s WRAPSCON, June 15-17, at The Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The topics covered this year include supply chain issues, corporate support, enduring the pandemic, the importance of unique design, and staying motived to be the best, as well as many others.

“Every year, WRAPSConnect brings some of the most influential wrappers in the market to educate, inspire and field audience questions regarding the hottest topics the industry is currently facing,” says Ruggs Kochevar,  director of sales GPX, WRAPSCON organizer. “This year was no exception, as our panel tackled COVID, supply chain issues, diversification and more.”

“It was an honor, to say the least,” says first-time panelist Kevin Kempf of PG NOLA.  “I have always looked up to the people on that panel as mentors and great friends. Many of them have helped me with business and personally when I needed.”

“WRAPSCON is a truly unique convention for solely our industry, it’s an honor to share any knowledge I can with attendees while also learning from others,” says Jen Carney of Carbon Wraps. “It’s a benefit for any level of experience, there’s always something new to learn. I look forward to it every year.”

This year’s panel experts included:

The sponsor of this year’s panel was 3M Commercial Graphics.

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