Take Advantage of the Lucrative Golf Market

The rewards via plaque and trophy sales are gratifying.

Sponsor plaques can be an intricate part of a golf course buying program. A well-thought-out plaque program can pay for the entire course signage a club may require.

Include a couple of ideas in your presentation. Sponsor plaques can be sold for hundreds of dollars per hole, even more at a prestigious course. You gain additional sales, and the golf course subsidizes its signage program. The best part: sponsorship plaques are a one-year deal – you get to re-sell them every year. As an additional bonus, if you offer to help the club sell the sponsorship plaques, you will gain new corporate clients in your community.

Club champion and dedication signage are always called for at golf courses. Offering a selection of options will further endear you to the club. Once again, if you are successful in being the vendor for the club champion wall, you will get a new order every year.

Tournament awards and trophies are a great way to secure ongoing golf course business. Offer a good, better, best selection of golf awards. Categories should include Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, etc. A busy golf course can host over 100 tournaments in a year. If each tournament gives away six trophies or awards, it turns into another hugely profitable opportunity for you and your business.

-Ken Auty, FusionCast

Ken Auty

Ken Auty joined FusionCast in 2011. Ken is a leader in marketing and new business development for both national and international markets. With over 25 years experience in product development, marketing, and sales, Ken is applying his strong expertise at FusionCast as they launch their patented Engineered Cast Metal process into North America and beyond.

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