North Carolina Nonprofit Launches Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Participants engage in various skills including 3D printing, woodworking, and CNC operation

North Carolina-based Forge Greensboro, a nonprofit community maker space, announces the launch of a pre-apprenticeship program as the next development in the organization’s workforce and talent development programming.

The Forge’s pre-apprenticeship program is a three- to four-month, “earn-to-learn” on the job training program. Participants will receive wages for up to 20 hours per week at $10 an hour.

Learning includes assisting mentors and staff in the day to day activities in the Forge and engaging in a range of skills, including 3D printing, woodworking, and CNC operation. The majority of responsibilities and learning will focus on the welding and metal shop.

The program is designed to do a few different things for its participants:

  • Teach skills to prepare for an apprenticeship program
  • Add experience and references to their resumes
  • Link the participant to a full-time job to continue their journey as an apprentice

The purpose of this program is to connect under-connected Guilford County, North Carolina, residents with workforce opportunities. Participants eager to learn and communicate well with others will be placed in a full-time, paid apprenticeship through GuilfordWorks.

The Forge Greensboro aims to be a place where hands-on producers can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. Members of Forge include students, entrepreneurs, artisans, trade professionals, tinkerers, and hobbyists, according to its website.

Find application information here.

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