Marketing Your Small Business: Part 2

Discover the second strategy to market your small business

Live video is huge when it comes to marketing your small business. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you need to accept where you are and own it.

The best way to be successful with live videos is to be prepared. Have an outline, not a script, so you can talk authentically on a topic and stay on track. Slow down because there is a delay from when you speak to when your audience hears you. If you ask a question or want interaction with your fans, slow down or you will miss that opportunity to interact with your customers.

Facebook or Instagram live videos do not need to be long, but talking slower and smiling goes a long way. As soon as you complete your live video, download it so you can post it to YouTube. This is another huge search engine for you to get your information out, so people find out what your business is all about.

Look back on Part 1

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