Issue Preview: The Sublimation Report, Apparel Sustainability, The Awards Market, and Electric Signage

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO April

In the April issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail on March 24 and hit a screen near you on March 28, you’ll find The Sublimation Report — focusing on turning up the heat on your sublimation sales, including articles featuring helpful tips, strong business practices, and market intelligence. Plus, don’t miss topics from print and graphics professionals on sustainability in the apparel industry, the current state of the awards and customization market, and getting into electric signage. Check out this sneak peek for a look at what’s in store.

The Fight for Sustainability

Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko

  • “Modern consumers are part of a highly-connected world. More and more, they understand we have large plastic gyres in our oceans; they understand our natural resources are being depleted and, as a result, they have a heightened awareness of the importance of protecting our environment for future generations. Our customers understand that consumers expect them to be a part of that solution.” — Jay Hertwig, Unifi
  • “A lot of companies are working on advanced sustainable technology that really can’t be applied today, or not at scale. But we can be more sustainable at scale – and that’s what we’re here to prove. Just by replacing all the [traditional] materials with next-generation options [like 100% recycled cotton], we’re able to be more sustainable and have a massive impact within the existing production structure.” — Irys Kornbluth, Everywhere Apparel

The Current State of Corporate Awards & Recognition

Julia Schroeder

  • “I feel in a tighter labor market companies who give recognition to their employees will fare better than those that don’t. We see this with the growth of corporate awards this past year.” — Bill Vitto, PDU CAT
  • “In our part of the business, corporate recognition has become the stronger of trophies versus corporate. From a product focus perspective, crystal, glass, and plaque style awards are taking precedence versus trophies.” — Cathy Garcia, Marco Awards Group
  • “History has shown me that sublimation transfer truly performs well during a good economy or a bad economy. With weddings, sporting events, church gatherings, business functions, and other in-person events soon returning to some sort of normalcy, I believe the need for awards and recognition products will soar.” — David Gross, Condé Systems

So You Want to Dabble in Electric Signage?

Matt Charboneau, Storm Mountain Signs

  • “Yes, the client may ask if you make “signs that are individual metal letters that light up inside,” but that in no way indicates why they need them, or what the role of the channel letters is for their business, at that location, for their industry, for matching their identity or brand.”
  • “I can say that nothing insures a successful job like a well-done presale sign survey. Details are key, and without putting a tape measure on everything, you are basically guessing. A good survey will save you from a second or third visit to obtain details like sign band height and wall construction.”

Find these articles, plus much more, in GRAPHICS PRO April.

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