Five Pointers for Trophy Retailers

When working with a client, keep the following pointers in mind...

  • Know the purpose of the award: Why is this client in need of an award? What kind of experience are they trying to create for the recipient? Talking about their needs will help determine the appropriate awards to sell.
  • Know the consumer/purchaser: Corporate awards, for example, are not just purchased by the human resources department. Many times, department managers and executive assistants are the ones in charge of selecting and ordering awards.
  • Symbolic vs. gift cards: Clients may need to be reminded that gift cards and other incentives do not always have the same impact and return as a symbolic award when presented correctly.
  • Annuity sales: Most companies have three to five recognition programs that repeat annually. Examples include sales performance, years of service, retirement, above and beyond, and team performance. Knowing about all of their programs can allow the trophy retailer to reap the benefits of annuity sales.
  • Rely on your vendors: Your vendors are a treasure trove of ideas for creating the perfect award for your clients. Since they know the processes that can be added to the award, they can help direct the trophy retailer regarding which imprint options will work best.

-Jen Jezierski, Crystal D

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