Crystal D Appoints Operations Director

Kyle Nordby is promoted as Todd Hambrecht is hired as VP of strategic accounts.

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Kyle Nordby (Images courtesy of Crystal D)

Crystal D, a supplier of corporate awards and gifts, has promoted Kyle Nordby to become its operations director and hired Todd Hambrecht as vice president of strategic accounts.

According to the company, these moves align with its growth and long-term plan, as well as its “commitment to delivering the highest standards for products and customer service.”

Kyle Nordby

Director of operations 

“We are excited to bring Kyle into this leadership role,” said Mike Irvine, executive vice president and chief operating officer. “He possesses a rare combination of creativity and strategy, and he is naturally drawn to continuous improvement. He’s a perfect fit for this position.”

Nordby joined Crystal D in 2013 as a temporary hire for a production artist job. He was hired permanently three months later — in large part due to his experience with 3D modeling, a key graphic design skill that helped the company meet the ever-increasing demand for 3D imprint orders. When Crystal D invested in 3D subsurface etching technology, Nordby helped set the standard for the new process and positioned the 3D subsurface department for exponential growth. Nordby’s leadership expanded further when he took on management of the production department, where he implemented processes that enabled the company to fulfill customers’ orders with both precision and speed.

As operations director, Nordby is now responsible for overseeing all components of Crystal D’s day-to-day operations. His vision is to have a high-functioning team — with the right people in the right seats — that’s dedicated to creating “The WOW Effect” for customers.

Todd H
Todd Hambrecht

Todd Hambrecht

Vice president of strategic accounts

The newest addition to Crystal D’s sales team, Todd brings 20 years of experience honed within the IT and packaging production industries. He is a versatile leader skilled at building rapport among customers at all levels and in all roles, as well as reducing silos. At Crystal D, Hambrecht is responsible for doing just that: establishing and nurturing relationships with key individuals in the awards industry, as well as managing strategic accounts.

Hambrecht also enjoys serving as a consultant, providing business guidance to help customers grow their businesses and achieve their goals. He takes pride in being a trusted liaison between customers and subject matter experts throughout the whole sales cycle — from solution inquiries, to proposals, to delivery.

Bridget Dahlgren, executive vice president of marketing and sales at Crystal D, stated the company is “Delighted to welcome Todd, as he helps round out Crystal D’s sales leadership team and will be a driving force behind the company’s business plan and vision.”

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