Featured Project: World-Class Theatre Deserves World-Class Displays

Absen was challenged by the theatre's owners to come up with some unique displays.

China-based Absen, with its U.S. headquarters in Orlando, Florida, has its displays playing a prominent role in a $75 million entertainment venue in Salt Lake City.

The Hale Centre Theatre at Mountain America Performing Arts Center opened in late 2017 and was designed from the beginning to be one of the most cutting-edge performance venues in the world.

The builders of the theatre also wanted the venue’s technology to be cutting edge, and so they hired Kaysville, Utah’s RevelTV, which is a full-service digital signage and LED display integrator. After meeting with the venue’s owners, RevelTV called in the design team from Absen.

“LED became a major part in the conversation with the theatre’s design team,” says Brian Fitzpatrick, president and CEO of RevelTV. “Thanks to our long relationship with Absen, it was a natural fit to pull them into the project to help us design solutions to bring their vision to life.”

During the design phase, RevelTV worked side-by-side with the theatre’s team to help create unique spaces inside and out of the complex that pushes the creative envelop, such as trapezoidal and circular-shaped screens, moving stages and the latest and greatest in lighting and sound technology.

Outside, six large digital billboards-Absen’s XD6 Series 6-millimeter LED displays-advertise upcoming productions to the passing traffic.

In the lobby area, Absen’s N series screens were installed over the concession area so patrons could watch what was on screen as they waited in line.

Inside the complex’s main hall, a $20 million theatre-in-the-round, a four-sided Absen 3.8-millimeter display hangs from the ceiling, and the walls feature four large, curved LED displays made by Absen.

Another Absen LED display will be installed in the complex’s Jewel Box stage.

Click here to watch a video about the installation.

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