Advantages of Incorporating a Direct-to-Screen Solution

Investing in a direct-to-screen system can allow your print shop to transform its entire prepress workflow, all while cutting costs. 

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EXILE Technologies, located in Houston, TX, manufactures the latest in Computer-to-Screen Imaging devices and high-resolution thermal film imagesetters, as well as distributes Direct-to-Garment printers. Committed to prepress, we offer the best quality in prepress imaging for the screen print industry. Capitalizing on such features as innovative design and ease of use, EXILE offers customers ultra-affordable products that can meet the demanding needs of any print shop. Visit www.exiletech.com for more information.

Maintaining a high print standard is vital to the success of any print shop. Whether you’re printing on T-shirts, hats, or various promotional or retail items, having the right equipment can make all the difference in terms of quality, speed of production, and other crucial factors.

Traditional screen printing involves preparation of film positives that are used for producing great shirt designs. As technology has developed, so have the systems that print shops can take advantage of to streamline workflow. One such avenue is direct-to-screen printers.

Direct-to-screen systems remove many of the mechanical processes often involved with screen printing, replacing them instead with electronic benefits. For example, these advanced systems completely eliminate the need for film as designs are digitally imaged onto the emulsion-coated screen. By removing film from the equation, you eliminate the need for a vacuum. Additionally, there is no longer the chance of undercutting during exposure.

Print shops can expect to save on time during setup and the exposure process, as well as in costs, by making this small change of eliminating film.

Direct-to-screen solutions, like those offered by EXILE Technologies, can image screens quicker and more accurately than more conventional screen-printing methods, speeding up job turnaround. Not to mention, direct-to-screen systems will still benefit from all of the standard advantages of screen printing.

  1. Perfect for printing large orders: If your shop is looking to produce a large batch of T-shirts, screen printing is the ideal printing method.
  2. Vibrant colors: The saturation of color is nice and rich because it is squeegeed on with firm pressure. Black and white ink can look fresh and bright on different colored garments.
  3. Quality of print: Print shops ensure that the quality of their prints last for years to come by using the screen print method. This method can also withstand wear and tear more easily than other print types.
  4. Versatile: Screen printing can be used on diverse garments and materials, including hats, T-shirts, and marketing materials like posters and banners.
  5. Good for various inks: Screen printing works well with many different types of inks. You can choose from a wide variety of ink types that may not be available with other printing methods.

Direct-to-screen helps your shop enhance the prepress workflow from reducing the supplies needed to image screens to offering a streamlined interface with easy-to-use controls.

In the video below, take a look at EXILE Technologies’ Spyder II DTS system and its features to see how a direct-to-screen solution can transform your shop.

More information on direct-to-screen systems can be found on the EXILE Technologies website at www.exiletech.com.  

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