When is a cooling station helpful?

A cooling station could be helpful in two places:

1. The station after your flash unit

2. At the end of your dryer

The primary function of the cooling station is to cool off your ink, whether it is approaching a station for the next color of ink, or before reaching your drop basket to help ensure that the ink has cured and that the printed image will not be disturbed during the next phase. The basic setup of a cooling station is an apparatus, such as fan, set up as an individual station if following your flash unit, or attached to the end of your drying unit.

A cooling station after your flash unit is a method of curing and cooling your ink to help speed up the printing process, mainly used with manual printing. A cooling station located at the end of your dryer would be to combat overheated ink. Before adding a cooling station to your dryer, here are two suggestions to consider:

  1. Experiment with different inks to see if you can find one that is more suitable for your printing process.
  2. Spend some time experimenting with your dryer, by adjusting the speed of your belt and the temperature of your oven. Chances are good that you will find that setup which will allow your designs to come off your belt cured and ready to go.

Here’s to effective processes!

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Kirk Harris

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