What’s the best way to track thread breaks?

One of the best methods for tracking thread breaks is to have the machine report the information automatically. Many software programs can communicate with the embroidery machine and report statistics back to a management console. This provides management with the ability not only to know that the machine is stopping but also why it is stopping.

Some key metrics this type of software can provide about thread breaks are:

  • How many thread breaks have occurred on a specific job
  • In the case of multi-head embroidery machine, on which head the break occurred
  • What needle experienced the thread break
  • Where in the design the thread break occurred

All these issues are imperative to understand. Repeated thread breaks that become detrimental to production need to be isolated and corrected as quickly as possible. The more stitches and colors in a design, the more likely it is for a thread to break. Proper software can help embroiderers efficiently manage these issues.

—Hirsch Solution Inc.

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