The Appeal of Live Customization

It’s that feeling of something being created that seems like magic to most people

It’s that feeling of something being created that seems like magic to most people. I have been in the decorating industry since 2000 and sublimation since 2009, and I still love seeing the finished product every time.

Early on in my career, I sold direct-to-garment machines, and I remember a customer of mine who bought a printer and struggled with making money with it. We were talking at a show about a year later, and I just happened to ask him where his machine was sitting. He told me it was back in his production area, and I suggested that he move it up into the middle of his showroom.

About three months later, he called me and said that moving it changed his business. He moved it out into the shop’s front window and even went so far as to put several webcams on it. People love seeing the action of what most people think is the magic behind the curtain.

For the brand, it is the connection they get to make by tapping into the excitement the customer has for being a part of the process. Now the consumer not only has a brand’s logoed item, but they also have a connected experience with the brand. They will tell that story ever time they wear the item or share pictures on social media.

Take a look at a company like the YR Store. They are selling branded shirts by some of the top fashion brands through unique customization and getting $150 per garment.

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