What should sublimators keep in mind if they want to turn their hobby into a business?

If it’s a true business, then it has to be run like one. Here are some pointers:

  • Time is money. You can’t spend hours trying to get something just right – you must learn to do that quickly so you can get it out the door and move to the next job.
  • Proactive sales are required to get money in the door. You will need a marketing plan and sales strategy. You must understand pricing, production efficiency, etc.
  • You must have samples to show customers.
  • I suggest attending trade shows and taking as many classes as possible.
  • Look at online training from distributors.



Jimmy Lamb

Jimmy Lamb has 25+ years of product decoration business experience, as well as extensive knowledge in many facets of digital decorating and embellishing including business startup, applications, techniques, marketing, sales, mobile, production and management. Currently, he works with Sawgrass Technologies as the manager of communication and education, where he has been instrumental in developing its educational seminars and webinars.

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