What is one simple truth of sales?

Take a moment to peruse a list of the current clientele of your business. Read each company or individual’s name. Now, consider this: Eventually, every customer you have will either quit or fire you. Every one of them. That is one simple truth in selling.

Some customers will cease to exist or relocate and buy from a comparable vendor in their new locale. You may even decide to stop selling to certain customers because of their lack of creditworthiness or failure to uphold their end of the bargain. But, eventually, the customer list you have at present will look nothing like the customer list you may have five or 10 years from now. For that reason alone, every business must practice active prospecting for new customers.

-Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

vince dicecco

Vince DiCecco

Your Personal Business Trainer

Vince is a dynamic seminar speaker and author with a unique perspective on business development and management subjects, primarily in the decorated- and promotional-apparel industries. With 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing and training, he is an independent consultant to businesses looking to profit and sharpen their competitive edge.

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