What does recognition in the school environment look like?

Recognition is usually given for academic achievement, leadership, participation in an academic event (an academic decathlon, for example), attendance, or individual class subjects as well as other non-academic school activities (excluding sports).

The most common categories awards retailers need to have recognition products for include all classroom subjects, such as math, science, and reading, as well as honor roll; however, there are several others that are not academic subjects but are still in the school environment, such as band, attendance, choir, chorus, drama, field day, friendship, music, dance, etc.

-Cathy Garcia, Marco Awards Group

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Cathy Garcia

Cathy Garcia of Marco Awards Group entered the awards and recognition industry 25 years ago and has spent almost all of those years in marketing, new product development and China sourcing. She spent a large portion of time in China working to build successful manufacturing resources and product quality assurance.   

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