What does ink quality have to do with printer protection?

Sublimation inks must be manufactured with a given printer in mind. Not every inkjet printer can process sublimation ink. For example, some print heads use heat, which can cause premature gassing of the dye solids in the ink. Additionally, head jets, pressure systems, and internal tubing must be able to handle the inks without having their composition degraded in the process.

In the same vein, bulk inks, while less expensive, can introduce air bubbles and contaminants into your printer, which can not only reduce the quality of your print, but also irreparably damage the hardware. Choosing high-quality inks in closed cartridges, then pairing them with printers designed for sublimation printing, ensures you get the most value – and life – out of your printer investment.

-Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass


Jimmy Lamb

Jimmy Lamb has 25+ years of product decoration business experience, as well as extensive knowledge in many facets of digital decorating and embellishing including business startup, applications, techniques, marketing, sales, mobile, production and management. Currently, he works with Sawgrass Technologies as the manager of communication and education, where he has been instrumental in developing its educational seminars and webinars.

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