What are some ways retailers can utilize video marketing?

Take a short video of a product or service the shop offers and embed the video on your website. Spin a crystal award on a turntable or show an engraved item coming right off the machine. Guide people through gift and award ideas with video before they even enter your store. Pan across your inventory, briefly explain the different styles of award and materials used (e.g. crystal versus acrylic, true brass versus brass plated), levels of quality, and why one would work better than another for certain applications. Talk highly of them all but be sure to point out the “finer” items available. Take video and photos of every unique item that comes through your shop and post it on YouTube. 

Decent entry-level camcorders range $200-$500 and may come with editing software. Look for good image stabilization. You could even use a GoPro or your mobile device. It’s easier than you think with today’s phones and YouTube’s video editing features. Start by setting up a YouTube account.

-Brad Wass, Gyford StandOff Systems

Brad Wass

Brad Wass is a Digital Media Artist at Gyford StandOff Systems. He has worked in the company's graphics and marketing department for over eight years, specializing in photography and video. 

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