Wordiness Woes: Solving challenges of overly wordy text on awards

These challenges highlight how important it is to talk to your customers about potential challenges, even if it is uncomfortable.

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When estimating how long it takes to lay out a plate, remember to consider the time making corrections, checking spelling, and communicating back and forth with your customer.

For example, overly wordy text creates a number of challenges. Text that is overly wordy is a challenge to layout and is often poorly written. Too much text can also contain incongruent messages. Related messages need to be placed near each other. Unrelated or loosely related information requires separation.

I often use separators or ornaments to separate unrelated text, or I will use them to highlight important information when a plaque is overly wordy. You don’t want the main or most important message to be lost among the less-important data. I also use bold and italics to highlight or differentiate important thoughts.

-Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark


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