Ways to Break Through Creative Roadblocks

Don't let the daily grind of this industry take a toll on your creative flow

Our daily grind in this industry and life can be very taxing on our productivity, especially our creative flow. The list below offers some suggestions you may find helpful next time you encounter a creative roadblock.

Play: Yes. A video game, pinball machine, or sport, get your mind focused on ways to win at something, and stimulate those creative muscles in the process.

Exercise: An exercise like going for a walk can put your mind and body in a relaxed state and allow your thoughts to drift and your creativity to explore.

Visualize: Look around. Take time to visually smell the roses and observe the creativity in things you’ve never noticed or paid attention to before.

Calculations: Take a moment to concentrate on some shop numbers. Problem-solving is always an excellent way to stimulate creative thinking.

New route: Taking a new route offers different views and new things to appreciate. Next time you need to go somewhere, take a different direction (if possible, as a passenger) and see if new sights, sounds, and smells can help you see things differently.

Films: Films are human-made elements of verbal and visual creativity. By taking the time to watch a movie, especially sci-fi or fantasy, you expose yourself to a plethora of creativity.

Methods: By changing the way you do something, you are forcing your mind to adapt to change and stimulating creative juices in the process.

Inventions: They’re pure creativity. Looking at or into inventions and their creator’s stories can be very stimulating for creativity and motivation.

The impossible: Imagination is a key to unlocking creative thoughts. Take a look at something that seems unlikely to you, and imagine how it came to be. Activities like this can help stretch your creative boundaries.

Read: By reading, you are allowing yourself to see points of view other than your own. Different perspectives can generate creativity within.

Make friends: By making friends with people who are different than yourself, you can get different insights, perspectives, and approaches. Shared experiences and wisdom can shed light on challenges.

Conversations: Speaking with and listening to older individuals can give you knowledge and education regarding approaches and methods you may have overlooked, forgotten, or not known. Remember, future innovations come from past attempts and successes.

Links: Taking time to discover how things connect can help you see how things come together. These connections can provide examples of creative thoughts.

Ask a child: Children are very creative. Asking children about their thoughts and watching them approach a challenge is bearing witness to creativity at work.

I hope one of these suggestions can help stimulate your creativity the next time you get stuck. Realize the underlying themes to finding your creativity. Relax your mind, focus on something else for a moment, and introduce yourself to new information.

Here’s to creative lubrication!

Kirk Harris

Kirk Harris

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