The Secret to Customer Loyalty

What is it that makes a customer loyal to a product or service?

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The fact is many buyers are loyal to a particular product more so than the place where that product is sold. Customer loyalty gives rise to purchasing habits based on an emotional bond between the buyer and the product, business, or individual seller. It is that emotional bond that leads to repetitive behaviors so much so that buyers will go out of their way to buy that product or do business with that company or individual. Loyal customers do not comparison-shop when it comes to buying a particular product or service. It’s usually the specific thing they want or, many times, they’ll go without it – at least for a while.

Customer loyalty is not cognitive. Rather, it is often developed over time but stems from a significantly pleasing subconscious event: a wow experience.

-Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

Julia Schroeder

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