Relief Carving with Your Laser: Acrylic

You might be thinking, why would I relief carve acrylic? This is why.

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Acrylic can be used for relief carving projects. Translucent (opaque) cast acrylic is a consistent material. Ivory-colored, 3/16″-thick acrylic makes particularly nice pieces. (Thinner sheets of acrylic can warp under the high heat of the carving process.) I use it a lot to test graphics before committing to carving on a special piece of wood.

-Jim Puentes, COOLaserCraft

Learn more about relief carving with a laser in the June ’18 issue of A&E

Jim Puentes COOLaserCraft

Jim Puentes

Jim Puentes opened COOLaserCraft in 2008, providing his clients with marking, cutting, and fabrication services. Contact Jim at [email protected]

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