Picking the Right Interview Questions

If you want to pinpoint the best candidate for the job, it's up to you to dig deep...

In interviews, we typically pose vague questions such as, “For this position, we are looking for someone who can multitask – is that you?” An interviewee who truly needs a job won’t answer, “No,” to this question. You need to dig deeper and ask for specific examples of how they will multitask and ask for examples of how they have done that in the past. 

That said, we are too focused on what someone did in the past at other companies and not focused enough on what they will do in the future at your company. When asking for examples, also ask how they would use their past experiences in your company. Just because they were successful in the past with a similar role doesn’t mean they will be successful in your company with your culture and your resources. 

-Aaron Montgomery, 2 Regular Guys, MontCo Consulting

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Aaron Montgomery

Aaron Montgomery is the co-founder of Its goal is to help 1,000+ businesses in 2020 reach their idea of success through training, community, and accountability. Aaron has 25+ years of experience with personalized products and small business development. You can also find Aaron co-hosting 2 Regular Guys podcast ( He also has his own podcast channel and produces weekly live videos called Small Business Saturdays Series. New episodes are released

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