Managing Your Success Versus Weakness

Wondering how to plan the next course of action for your business?

Let’s say your production had a lot of spoiled goods within the last year. Figure out a way to not only count the spoiled goods, but also categorize them as to the cause. Then, you can implement changes and see how those changes affect the number of spoiled goods versus the number of products delivered to your customers. 

On the flip side of things, figure out your biggest success and again pick out the right data point. For example, say you gained a lot of new customers within the last year. Determine how you got those new customers (social media, word of mouth, etc.) and then figure out how to do more of that. 

At a minimum, measuring and managing your weakness and your best success puts you ahead of the competition. You can also keep going up and down the ladder on both sides to find the right mix of measurements to start planning new strategies.

-Aaron Montgomery, MontCo Consulting, 2 Regular Guys 

Learn more about how to effectively measure and manage your business. 

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Aaron Montgomery

Aaron Montgomery is the co-founder of Its goal is to help 1,000+ businesses in 2020 reach their idea of success through training, community, and accountability. Aaron has 25+ years of experience with personalized products and small business development. You can also find Aaron co-hosting 2 Regular Guys podcast ( He also has his own podcast channel and produces weekly live videos called Small Business Saturdays Series. New episodes are released

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