How can online stores become part of a print shop’s printing process?

The quotes and invoices print shops already use for every order could act as the foundation of their online stores. Their production scheduling software and their shop’s online stores could talk to each other.

Online stores are the simplest way to access exponential exposure and growth.

Traditionally, one group organizer, parent, coach, marketer, or HR rep comes in and places an order. You deliver their merchandise; they pass it on to the members of their organization. They might brag that you did an excellent job or throw you under the bus if you blew it.

Now, let’s examine that process as an online store. That one individual sends a link to their entire group. Now every single member of their organization has your information and has purchased a shirt from you. It’s a higher risk (since you’re serving the client), but the free exposure outweighs the risks.

You can spend $100 on Facebook ads to get some leads or start an online store that guarantees you orders that can convert into more bulk orders.

There’s no way for a small business to match a company like Amazon, but there’s no doubt that print shops can provide their customers with incredible customer service that the most prominent e-commerce players can’t.


Make more sales, make more money, and grow your business. Now is the time to seize the opportunity and craft the future of the custom apparel industry.

Wondering who the ideal customer is for online stores? Check out this tip for a breakdown.

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