Creating Etsy-Worthy Products with Heat Transfers

Selling on Etsy can be challenging — drive sales and create Etsy-worthy products using custom heat transfers

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There’s a lot to love about Etsy. Not the least of which is supporting small businesses around the world. As apparel decorators, we know that selling on Etsy can be challenging, but here are some tips for creating Etsy-worthy products using custom heat transfers to drive sales.

Advantages of heat transfers

Capitalize on custom heat transfers! There are tips and tricks galore when it comes to ordering from various transfer vendors and getting the most bang for your buck, but here are a few that will help your Etsy shop without question:

  • Gang sheets – Place multiple images onto a single sheet and cut them apart before application. Many times, you can gang up different images, meaning you can complete multiple jobs with just a single order. Shop around; different suppliers will offer different gang sheet sizes.
  • Color change/wash – Order transfers in different sets of colors without placing multiple orders. You can order at a higher price break, keeping your price per sheet lower while offering more options. This option is usually offered at a nominal additional fee.
  • Variety of options – Custom transfers are sold in a variety of options, from low-quantity to high-volume and single-color to full-color. There’s sure to be an option to satisfy any Etsy-worthy budget and need.

Stocking holiday inventory

Holidays are a huge selling opportunity on Etsy! Utilizing custom heat transfers for your Etsy shop provides the unique ability to control your inventory without being left with overstock at the end of a holiday season. Apply your transfers as they’re sold and if needed, simply re-order.

Custom transfers provide a controlled selling environment for Etsy shops during unpredictable holiday seasons.

Profit from moment merch

Etsy is an ideal platform for apparel decorators to sell “moment merch,” or merchandise that’s considered to have a fleeting lifespan. Take advantage of the fast turnaround service that’s available from various custom transfer vendors to be the first to offer of-the-moment, Etsy-worthy merchandise.

More than just shirts

While the pages of Etsy can be flooded with graphic Ts, don’t be afraid to offer more unique items to stand apart from the crowd.

Consider offering unique items in your Etsy shop, including tea towels, coasters, or tote bags – all easily produced using custom heat transfers.

Custom heat transfers can be applied to a wide range of items beyond the scope of the basic T: totes/bags, jackets, hats, wall art, towels, pillows, and more. By offering less competitive items, you’ll be able to adjust your profit margins accordingly.

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Jody Mazade Howard Custom Transfers

Jody Mazade

Jody Mazade is the marketing director for Howard Custom Transfers, a leading custom heat transfer manufacturer. In her current role, she uses a multi-channel approach to content and digital marketing. With over a decade of experience in the custom apparel industry, Jody guides customers through the sales process by using website content creation, multiple social media channels, and educational and promotional resources.

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