A Minimal Approach to Taping: Assembling and mounting products

Most plaques and signs require a lot less than you think...

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The tapes that suppliers sell in the recognition industry are sign tapes, mostly acrylic-based, that have high adhesion values. This is not the tape you buy in a paper supply store. Two 1/4-inch strips on the back of a plate is all you need for most projects. If you ever have to remove the plate you will appreciate a more minimal approach. 

You can use more tape on rougher surfaces or if a plaque will be exposed to the sun through a window. If a sign is hung outdoors, for a solar installation, for example, use tape made specifically for the outdoors that has a higher heat value.

Acrylic tape increases its adherence value over several days following application. Taking a magnet off a name badge after an hour is much easier than after a week. This is something to remind customers that are concerned about how well the tape adheres.

-Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark


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