12 Considerations for Purchasing a UV-LED Printer

Thinking about investing in this technology? Ask yourself these questions

Decorators that are thinking about investing in UV-LED print technology should consider:

  1. Does UV-LED technology make sense for my business? What kinds of materials/products do I want to decorate?
  2. Does the cost of running and maintaining UV-LED print technology fit into the operating budget of my business?
  3. Do I have sufficient work demand to warrant UV-LED technology for my business?
  4. Does the printer manufacturer offer a service plan? Do they also offer extended service plans?
  5. Review the manufacturer’s maintenance tasks and schedules.
  6. What is the printer manufacturer’s customer service like? Will I have access to a service technician if needed?
  7. What is the service life/shelf life of the UV ink?
  8. What ink options are available? Inks for hard and soft goods, etc.?
  9. Does the manufacturer offer an entry-level model that makes sense for my business needs?
  10. Are there options for upgrading/expanding my UV-LED equipment later on?
  11. Can I provide sample products/materials to the manufacturer to test and see if the technology is a good fit for my needs?
  12. Can the manufacturer provide a cost estimate of operating the equipment based on my business needs?

George Privateer

George is the content and media manager for Rowmark, a manufacturer of engravable sheet plastic for the awards, engraving, and signage markets.

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