Tips for Pricing Out Yard Signs

For corrugated plastic signs, also known as yard signs, we’ve split our pricing into two different types. One type is for screen-printed signs, which we use a wholesale screen printer for. The other price option is for in-house printed graphics applied to corrugated plastic.

We go the screen-printed route when a customer is needing 10 or more signs, depending on the size, and is looking for the most economical option. The turnaround time is still generally quick, so it doesn’t slow our production time, but it does allow us to offer a cost-effective option.

If the customer is only wanting a couple of signs, we print, laminate, and apply the graphics to corrugated plastic sheets in-house. The signs are a bit more durable with the laminated graphics, but they’re also more expensive because of the process.

Generally, if we’re doing a metal-framed sign or metal t-stake sign, then the customer does fewer signs at a time. For these, we print the graphics in-house and apply them to an aluminum composite material.

As with all of our pricing, we quote our signs based on the total square footage of the order. So, if the customer is ordering one sign, they’ll pay a higher price per square foot than if they’re ordering 10 signs.

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